Home Lab (Visio Planning)

With all my hardware purchased and currently on the way, the next step for this project will be to plan out the networking architecture. To get an idea of how everything will flow together I created a quick Visio chart to represent my intended network layout.

Maintaining the expectation that this lab would be something you might see in a small business I intend to configure the core switch to route all internal traffic and send any internet request to the firewall. The ESXi hosts will have one connection for dedicated VM traffic and another for management. Ideally, I’d prefer my hosts to also have a dedicated storage connection however the hosts will only have two NICs and since this is a very small setup, I’ve decided that storage and management can share the same connection.

The access layer switch will be the main connection point for all end user devices such as PCs, WiFi, printers, ect. Normally I would separate out the phones from the workstations but since I only have one VOIP phone in my lab I’ve decided it can share the same space as my workstations. All non-server devices that can be accessed externally, like my security cameras, will be on their own VLAN and be prevented from accessing my private network.

It’s a quick high-level view of how everything will work together but taking these few moments to pre-plan everything out can save a lot of time redoing thing and make sure I get things done right the first time.