Configuring vSphere Web Management

After a fresh install of vSphere on a host it can only be accessed via a directly connected keyboard and monitor. To configure vSphere so you can access the network management press the F2 key at the following screen.

At the authentication screen you will want to use root for the login name and whatever password was entered during the initial installation.

Once you have logged in to vSphere you’ll want to use the arrow keys navigate to Configure Management Network and press Enter.

First select Network Adapters and verify the NIC selected is the one you intend to use for vSphere management.

Next navigate to IPv4 Configuration and:

  1. Press the spacebar on Set static IPv4 address and network configuration
  2. Enter your desired host IPv4 Address, subnet, and default gateway
  3. Press Enter to save your changes.

Navigate to IPv6 Configuration and press the space bar on Disable IPv6 and then press Enter

Optionally you can now setup your DNS Configuration and (if your using one) VLAN for your management network.

Once you are all done exit the Configure Management Network menu and you will be prompted to reboot by pressing “Y“.

Once the hosts reboots you should now be able to use any computer that has access to management network and navigate to the vSphere web management interface by typing the IP address in your web browser which should give you a certificate error.

Ignore the certificate warning and you will be able to access the vSphere Web Management portal.

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