Configuring vSphere Networking (Basic Setup)

Continuing from my previous post of configuring vSphere’s web management, I am now I am going to login to my newly accessible admin page and configure my networking. Please note that because this is my lab and I am limited on available NICs, this setup is not best practices. I’d also note that I have seem numerous small business operate on a very similar configuration until they either grew or needed high availability which resulted in me needing to update their configuration for to a best practice scenario.

By default VMware puts all VM traffic on the same NIC as the management network. Assuming you have at least two NICs on your host the first thing we want to do is dedicated one NIC to management and the other to VM traffic. To begin:

  1. Click on Networking
  2. Then Right Click on VM Network
  3. Select Remove

Next we will create a new vSwitch and assign your unused NIC as the uplink. To do this you will want to:

  1. Click on Virtual Switches
  2. Click on Add Standard Virtual Switch
  3. Give your vSwitch a name (Generally I like to name each switch in numerical order however you could name it something like vSwitch-VMTraffic)
  4. Assign the physical NIC you want to use as the up-link. (FYI this should be the NIC that is connected to a trunk port on your switch, or the very least connected to your main network.)
  5. Click Add

The final step is to recreate your VM Traffic port group and assign it your newly created vSwitch. To do that we want to:

  1. Click on Port groups
  2. Click on Add port group
  3. Give your port group a name
  4. Assign the port group to your newly created vSwitch
  5. Click Add

In a later post I will dive a little deeper into creating a more complex network with vlans, high availability, optimal performance for features like vMotion but for now my very basic virtual network is complete and I am almost ready to start creating virtual machines.

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